How to Change Your Name
in the ACT

Name Change ACT

The name change registration process in ACT is managed by the ACT of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Name changes are no longer done by Deed Poll.

To change your name you will fill out and send in the official application for a name change form, with the relevant fee. If your application is accepted your name change will be registered and you will be sent a name change certificate. Your birth certificate may be amended.

There are two excpetions to this process, and they are for name changes due to marriage and divorce.

If you are marriage and changing to your husband's surname, you will only need a copy of your marriage certificate to change your name. This certificate is a link between your maiden name and your married name and you do not need to fill out any additional forms or go through any other process. This is only applicable if you are taking on your husband's name. No other name changes are allowed by this method.

If you have recently divorced you can also change back to your maiden name in the same method as if you were just married. Your marriage certificate is the only document you need to establish a link between your married name and your maiden name. If you are wanting to change to a different name (not your married name or maiden name) then you can't use this process.

Once you have your marriage certificate or name change certificate you are able to change your name with companies, organisations, businesses and on your identity documents.

Please see the ACT Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages website for more information.

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