How to Change
Your Child's Name

Children's Name Change

There are many legal matters and ramifications of changing the name of a child (person under 18 years of age). We recommend you contact your local Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages for further information on the process for changing a child's name. You may also need to contact a solicitor who specialises in Family Law.

In short, in order to change a child's name and in most cases, both parents on the child's birth certificate will need to complete the name change application form and both parents and if applicable the child will need to consent to the name change. There are other avenues to take if both parents do not consent, however this usually needs to go through the courts.

If there is only one parent on the birth certificate then only that parent needs to apply, and if one parent is deceased then only one parent needs to apply.

If neither parent is applying, the court must have allocated parental responsibility for the child to the person that is applying.

Other points to note:

Changing the Name on a Child's Birth Certificate

If there has been an error on the Birth Certificate, this can be rectified by applying to your state's Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages and you don't need to submit a name change application if done within a certain timeframe.