Name Change Kits

What is a Name Change Kit?

What is a name change kit, what are they good for, and who should use one?

Name change kits are a compilation of information and forms that you can use to change your name. A name change kit can save you considerable time and effort, and rather than spending hours trying to figure everything out yourself, a name change kit can put you on the right path and lead you step by step through the often confusing and conflicting process.

For the price tag, which is somewhere between $15-50 depending upon the kit, most people who buy them say they are well worth it.

You do not need a name change kit to change your name, everything that a name change kit contains you will be able to find yourself for free on the internet. The benefit of a name change kit is that all of the information is collated for you in the one place. Because there isn't a central government department that coordinates name changes from beginning to end, the process can often be very confusing and time consuming, and if you do things in the wrong order, it can be downright frustrating.

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What to Look for in a Name Change Kit

The kit should be updated regularly. You don't want to be paying for something that is out of date and therefore no help to you, so make sure the kit you buy is updated regularly.  You should also make sure that you are able to access any updates, again the kit isn't going to be any use to you if there is an update between when you buy it and when you actually get around to using it.

Price doesn't indicate quality. The more expensive kits aren't necessarily the best. The company selling them could just be aiming at a higher profit margin, or maybe they are paying expensive advertising fees that they need to recouperate. Rather than price, look at the inclusions, the usability, and which is going to be the best value for money. For example, our kit over at After The Wedding is currently the cheapest on the Australian market (at the time of publishing this) but includes the most detailed manual and most inclusions. We keep costs low because most of our customers come by word of mouth from other happy customers.

The kit should contain more than just forms. Forms from third party organisations are actually copyrighted by those organisations and it is illegal to sell them.  Name change kits can include them for free in the kits, but if you are just paying for the forms, then someone is making money illegally.

Privacy. You don't want to have to provide a lot of personal information.  Online kits that ask you to supply personal information such as your wedding date, registration number, date of birth etc may just be harvesting your details.  Stay away from identity theft by filling out your own forms and limiting the personal information that you provide.

A money back guarantee. If you are buying a name change kit over the internet you should make sure it has a money back guarantee.  "Name Change Kit" can mean a lot of things, and you don't want to be ripped off by paying for information that you already have or don't need.  

A secure purchasing site. Check for a website that used "https" which means it uses a security certificate, and trust logos and padlocks add to the security they use.

Contact details. There is at least a contact email address on the website that sells the kit.  Avoid websites that only have a contact form (if this isn't configured properly your messages will go nowhere and be received by no one).

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