How to Change Your Name
in Western Australia

Changing Your Name in Western Australia

The process described below is applicable for people who are changing their name to something new. If you are changing your name to your spouse's name after marriage, or you are reverting to your maiden name after getting divorced or separated, you don't need to go through this process. Please see the marriage and divorce sections of this website for more information on how to change your name according to your circumstances.

Legal Name Changes in Western Australia

To register a change of name in Western Australia you need to go through the Western Australian Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Name changes are no longer done by deedpoll, they are done by filling out an application form to make your name change legal, and then contacting organisiations individually to tell them of your new name. The evidence of your new legal name will be in the form of a Name Change Certificate that will be provided by the Regisgtry once your paperwork is processed and your name change is approved.

Forms and information is available from the Western Australian Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages website or you can call them if you have specific questions.

There is no automatic notification process for name changes. You need to contact government bodies, organisations and companies yourself. For example, you will need to apply for a new Passport, change your name on your bank accounts, go to the Motor Registry and get a new Licence, etc. This can be a long and frustrating process, so it is best to be as organised as possible. A name change kit can help with this process.

Filling Out Forms

The application form itself is fairly straight forward. The Registry will want to know your current name, what you are changing to, any previous names, and any marriages. You will need to provide three forms of identification, including photo identification, original copies of documents if applying in person or certified copies of documents if applying by post, proofo of any previous legal name changes, with overseas documents translatied in Australia by an accredited NAATI translator.

If you are an Australian citizen born overseas, you must provide your birth certificate, current passport and citizenship certificate. If you were born overseas and you are a permanent resident, you must present your birth certificate, a current passport and proof of your residency status. If you were born overseas, you must also provide at least two separate forms of documentary evidence that you have been living or have been ordinarily resident in WA for the past 12 months.